Revlon Lip Butters, First Impressions…

Soooo Priceline was having 2 for 1 at Priceline, at $21.95 a pop it’s woeful but when you’re getting one for free it’s a fair price :)

* Light vanilla scent

* Cute packaging 

* Feels light on the lips, not sticky or heavy

* Nice range of colours available

Strawberry Shortcake, cool toned light pink, doesn’t do much for my complexion.

Sweet Tart, warm toned pink, love this shade so fun and sexy <3 

I swatched all of the colours on my arm while I was there and I’d have to say (in my humble opinion) the best sellers will be Sweet Tart and Tutti Frutti ;) 

Here’s some arm swatches from Karla Sugar

Which shades are your picks?



  1. themustardjumper said: Don’t worry, I got sucked in too by the offer (even though I’d bought some in the US). I got Red Velvet and Tutti Frutti, to add to my Candy Apple and Lollipop. I think I’m done.
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